Who we are

About Us

Virtually Visiting was set up by a group of travel and technology experts who believe in the power of travel and the good that it can bring to the world. Understanding that the planet is an ever changing place and that travel is not always accessible, we decided to combine advances in technology with our passion for travel. The result is real tours and experiences available online to everyone, everywhere.

Our Vision

Empowering people to experience the excitement of travel.

Our Mission

Delivering real tours and experiences through technology to people across the globe.

Our Strategy

We bring you a virtual experience that is as good as there, no cuts, edits, sound effects or frills.


Customer Review: The ICEHOTEL

One of our lovely customers has kindly written a review of her experience watching our virtual 360 tour of the original ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Read on to check it out...

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Featured Destination: Sweden

With our team having a background in Scandinavian travel, and some of us now living in Sweden, it is where the idea of Virtually Visiting was first tried and tested, and what better place for us to start?


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Why Choose Virtually Visiting?

Lockdown measures giving you a mega case of itchy feet? Financial restraints keeping you from ticking things off your bucket list? Health or mobility issues hindering your ability to enjoy physical travel? Keen to book an epic trip to somewhere new but want to do some extra research first? You can still travel the world with Virtually Visiting!


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What is 360 VERus?

The Latin word Verus combines together a collection of words that we felt represented what we want to be at Virtually Visiting, so much so that we decided to name our 360 videos as 360 VERus. They reflect the way we want to capture and deliver the tours and experiences from our partners.


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Our Technology

We believe that to deliver an exceptional experience you need exceptional technology. This is why at Virtually Visiting we have invested in some of the very latest 360 technology and processing. Delivering up to 8k resolution with fantastic stabilisation techniques our 360 VERus deliver a life like experience as good as there.

Behind the scenes

Working with our trusted suppliers, we aim to deliver virtual tours on a private and exclusive basis wherever possible, giving you access to areas you might not be able to experience quite as readily in person. This is especially useful for our hotel tours, as it can help you get a feel for the accommodation and help you decide if you’d like to stay there on your next adventure. If you decide to access Virtually Visiting for research purposes, being able to combine our hotel tours with our adventure tours in the same area will help put you well on your way to planning your next holiday!