The latest technology to deliver the best experiences

Our Technology

We believe that to deliver an exceptional experience you need exceptional technology. This is why at Virtually Visiting we have invested in some of the very latest 360 technology and processing. Delivering up to 8k resolution with fantastic stabilisation techniques our 360 VERus deliver a life like experience as good as there.

Insta360 Pro 2

The Insta360 Pro 2 innovates the professional VR production workflow – offering FlowState stabilization, long-range live monitoring and delivering 8K VR to viewers regardless of whether they have high-end playback devices.

Using six cameras to capture every angle of a scene at once the resulting videos are then joined into two 8K 360 images, one per eye, to provide clear life like 360 experiences.

Insta360 One R

With 5. 7K resolution, waterproof and portable, the Insta360 One R allows us to capture the moment as if you are really there. Plus with its waterproof case this camera allows us to get close to the action regardless of the weather or environment.

Insta360 One X

With 5. 7K resolution and small size this camera allows us to go almost anywhere whether that be up high into the air down down into the depths of the ocean the images look sharp and videos smooth.