One of our lovely customers has kindly written a review of her experience watching our virtual 360 tour of the original ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Read on to check it out...

“As someone who suffers with anxiety, even the mere thought of travelling buries me in so much worry and stress, that it has greatly limited my opportunities to experience new adventures, countries and cultures. It is honestly so frustrating wanting to see all these amazing places that I know are out there, but just not being able to. I can say with certainty that the chance to visit the Arctic had never seemed possible, so it really was a light in the darkness to come across Virtually Visiting and their technology that helped fulfil a dream.

The ICEHOTEL has always been of great interest to me, as I could never quite comprehend how the structure is put together, nor truly imagine the inside of the hotel once complete. The pictures I have seen in the past are lovely, but always felt they can’t really do it justice and I could still not sufficiently visualise how it was built up from nothing but natural ice and snow. I was very happy to discover that I could finally find out for myself!

I was pleasantly surprised at how fully immersive the experience actually feels; the 360 camera means I can still look around at what I would like to (just as if I were really there) rather than just having to follow a one directional focus of a normal online tour. Matilda, the tour guide, was easy to listen to, and she had some really interesting snippets about how the ICEHOTEL is formed and the time constraints the artists are under to complete the incredible architecture. The subterranean room was very impressive (definitely my favourite out of the rooms visited), and it was really fascinating to hear about how the artists create such magnificent sculptures from nothing but ice and snow, and why they use coloured lamps instead of colouring the ice so it can all melt back into the environment safely. The pace of the tour was perfect, and I could almost feel the crunching snow underfoot as my own footsteps! I also really loved the little quip about the fire extinguisher – it really made me chuckle.

It was such a treat to finally be able to see inside the hotel in such an immersive fashion, exactly like my own private tour all from the comfort of my own home (and with the heating on, I might add!). With no panic and worry about the stress of travelling, I was able to just relax and truly enjoy the experience. I am looking forward to trying more of the tours… I think perhaps dog sledding next!”

  • Cat Haycock, 3rd December 2020