With our team having a background in Scandinavian travel, and some of us now living in Sweden, it is where the idea of Virtually Visiting was first tried and tested, and what better place for us to start?

Sweden is a fantastic destination with so much on offer throughout the entire year from forests and lakes, (in fact, two thirds of Sweden’s land area is covered by forests and there are almost 100,000 lakes!), to Arctic tundra and snow-capped mountains to famously stylish cities full of Insta-worthy photo opportunities. It is of course also a fantastic destination from which to see the elusive northern lights in the winter, experience the midnight sun in the summer, and enjoy daily fika all year round.

Working with many of our trusted suppliers, we have already created virtual experiences across Europe’s fifth largest nation. These virtual experiences include some of the most iconic hotels not only in Sweden, but in the world, including the ICEHOTEL and the Treehotel. Click here to check them out.

We have discovered that more and more of us are researching our future trips by utilising technology, and by offering you the ability to view hotel tours as well as actual excursions and adventures, we aim to provide you with all you need in order to make an informed decision on where your next (physical) holiday might be.

Arctic Sweden:

It is both a common and fair misconception that the Arctic Circle is always covered in snow but this is not the case. The bulk of the snow season is actually only from around the end of November to March. Each season is special in its own way – you could visit the same lake on two occasions, but whilst you will be snowmobiling across it one month, you might be swimming or kayaking in it the next. At Virtually Visiting we aim to offer you experiences across all the seasons, but allow you to experience them whenever you would like. If you want to go ice fishing from your garden sun-lounger in August to ‘virtually’ cool you down from a UK heatwave – no problem!

Activities in Arctic Sweden are aplenty, and include aurora chasing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, kayaking, cooking, hover-crafting, skiing, fishing, snowshoeing, horse riding, mountain biking, Sami experiences and hiking. You will see from our online library that we have already created virtual tours for many of these, and will have more on the way soon.


We are soon expanding our Swedish offering to include the capital of Stockholm, and a city tour will be launching soon. Our expert Stockholm partner will show you the best sights and sounds of the city. Take a virtual stroll through the streets to visit the most popular attractions that Stockholm has to offer, discover the best restaurants for foodies, learn about its Viking history, and discover the fantastic underground art.

Sweden is a real favourite destination of ours, and we hope that our virtual experiences will inspire you to visit there in person if and when the time is right.

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