The Latin word Verus combines together a collection of words that we felt represented what we want to be at Virtually Visiting, so much so that we decided to name our 360 videos as 360 VERus. They reflect the way we want to capture and deliver the tours and experiences from our partners.

uncut, unedited video

the way you would experience it if you were truly there

no frill or fuss, nothing fancy or fake

the way it should be

keeping things mutually beneficial

the passionate people we work with are the real deal

How to watch a 360 VERus

On your mobile or tablet
Our videos can be enjoyed on almost all smartphones. Simply start the video then either move your phone around or use your finger to to take a look around in 360

On a computer
Watching our 360 VERus on a computer can provide the next level of detail and clarity. With up to 8k resolution you can see more detail for a improved experience

On VR Headsets
For a fully immersive experience we suggest watching 360 VERus using a headset such as those in the Oculus range. This will allow for a complete experience immersing you in the destinations and allowing you to be as good as there.