Lockdown measures giving you a mega case of itchy feet? Financial restraints keeping you from ticking things off your bucket list? Health or mobility issues hindering your ability to enjoy physical travel? Keen to book an epic trip to somewhere new but want to do some extra research first? You can still travel the world with Virtually Visiting!

Virtually Visiting is removing the traditional barriers to travel by making it accessible to all, anywhere, at anytime. A Virtually Visiting experience is not bound by time, seasons or availability, and anyone with an internet connection can now experience their dream destination from the comfort of their own home. We are not here to replace travel itself, but are driving an evolution within the travel industry to create a virtual travel library that can be enjoyed by all, alongside physical travel.

We work with passionate and knowledgeable local experts who create immersive and interesting tours for you to enjoy whenever you would like to. We are proud to be supporting the travel industry and small businesses throughout the difficulties that have come with 2020 – as an industry we have learned that it is important to evolve with the times rather than risk being left behind.

Understanding that most of us have multiple destinations that we would absolutely love to visit, yet are unlikely to ever get the opportunity to, propelled us into wanting to combat this by creating accessible virtual experiences for all. For those who can’t get to a certain destination, we want to bring the destination to YOU, and in high-definition. What’s more, is that you can search for new horizons whilst minimising your carbon-footprint, a cause we are also very passionate about.

Viewed optimally through a VR headset, but also available on mobile phone, computer or tablet, our experiences are never too far from your fingertips – we are driven by our customers and their aspirations by adapting to the technology they choose to use, thus delivering a user-focused experience.

We edit our videos as little as possible to make our experiences feel truly authentic. If a tour guide drops a pen during a talk, we will leave that part in! It all combines to make the user feel as if they are experiencing the tour in real-time.

So, if you fancy a private tour of the Taj Mahal, an underwater diving adventure in Indonesia or a dog sledding experience above the Arctic Circle, we have got you covered. And, let’s face it, everyone would love a little escape from reality right now! It’s simply a case of choosing your preferred tour and pressing play on your virtual escape.

Now, everyone can leap into another destination and explore with Virtually Visiting.