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About Us

Virtually Visiting was set up by a group of travel and technology experts who believe in travel and the good that it can bring to the world.

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Virtually Visiting
The planet is an ever changing place and travel is not always accessible. We have combined advances in technology with our passion for travel to create real tours and experiences available online to everyone, everywhere.

The Team

About us

With over 3 decades of combined experience in the travel industry, and having visited over 60 countries, the team at Virtually Visiting understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to physically explore our wonderful planet, whether it be due to financial, physical, or political constraints.

Appreciating the growing importance of sustainable travel, and believing that in this age of extraordinary technology that nobody should have to go without, we had a vision of bringing the world to YOU, in high-definition.

Virtual Travel Platform

Something for everyone

Introducing not one, but two innovative products to revolutionize the way you experience travel planning! Our first product is a cutting-edge 360-degree virtual travel platform designed to bring destinations to life from the comfort of your home. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of your dream getaway before you even pack your bags.

But that's not all - for the travel agents who are always seeking the best tools to enhance their clients' journeys, we proudly present our second exclusive offering: the 360 Virtual Familiarization Platform. Exclusively tailored for travel agents, this platform lets you explore hotels, resorts, and tourist hotspots virtually. You can now provide firsthand information to your clients, making their travel decisions more informed and exciting than ever.

Both products are set to reshape the travel industry, whether you're an eager traveler looking to preview your next adventure, or a travel agent aiming to offer unparalleled expertise. Get ready to embark on a new era of travel exploration and consultation with our dual virtual platforms!

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