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The best way to experience anything is with a friendly and knowledgeable local tour guide. This is why we partner with the best of the best in our destinations- and bring you private guided tours of the most exciting and sought after experiences.


For those of you who are looking to fulfil your adrenaline junkie needs or cure a serious case of 2020 induced itchy feet, check out our adventurous virtual offerings! They range from thrilling snowmobile rides to husky sledding and from safari encounters to kayaking adventures. Prices will start from as little as 99p per tour

Museums and Galleries

Museum and Gallery tours will be launching in the Virtually Visiting library very soon! Watch this space for new releases, and if there are any destinations you’d like us to add to our offering then please get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Historical Visits

Step into a new destination from the comfort of your sofa with Virtually Visiting. We have a wide range of virtual 360 tours on offer, with plenty more coming very soon! Our historical guided tours are great for those of you wanting to learn more about a particular passion of yours in an immersive way, and our offering currently ranges from military history to Scandinavian Vikings.

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Customer Review: The ICEHOTEL

One of our lovely customers has kindly written a review of her experience watching our virtual 360 tour of the original ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Read on to check it out...

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Featured Destination: Sweden

With our team having a background in Scandinavian travel, and some of us now living in Sweden, it is where the idea of Virtually Visiting was first tried and tested, and what better place for us to start?


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Why Choose Virtually Visiting?

Lockdown measures giving you a mega case of itchy feet? Financial restraints keeping you from ticking things off your bucket list? Health or mobility issues hindering your ability to enjoy physical travel? Keen to book an epic trip to somewhere new but want to do some extra research first? You can still travel the world with Virtually Visiting!


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What is 360 VERus?

The Latin word Verus combines together a collection of words that we felt represented what we want to be at Virtually Visiting, so much so that we decided to name our 360 videos as 360 VERus. They reflect the way we want to capture and deliver the tours and experiences from our partners.


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