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Top Tips to Travel More Sustainably

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Whilst it is difficult to live completely sustainably, particularly when it comes to travelling, there are some things we can all do to minimise our impact on this beautiful planet. We have listed some of these below, so that you too can do your bit.

 Take a virtual tour!

You knew this was going to be our number 1, right?! Yes, enjoying a 360 virtual tour with Virtually Visiting is a great way to experience our awe-inspiring planet whilst ‘leaving no trace.’ 

 Support local business

When physically travelling, try to book tours and experiences through local tour guides to give back to the economy rather than booking more 'corporate' tours through larger international providers. Remember, you can book in-person tours with our Virtually Visiting guides via the links in their videos!

 Avoid single use plastic

Bring reusable water bottles and coffee cups with you for example, to minimise any needless waste. This can be done whilst travelling AND at home. 

 Conserve energy where you can

Do you wash your towels every day at home? Most likely not! So why do hotels need to wash your towels everyday, bringing with it huge environmental impacts? When staying in hotels we encourage you to hang up your towels (so they do not get replaced every day), do not insist upon fresh bed sheets daily, and make sure you are mindful to turn off lights and electronics when not in use. Choose showers over a bath where possible, and adjust your AC settings to have less environmental impact.

 Green transport options

If you are keen to see some beautiful views, why not try an adventure such as a kayaking trip or a mountain hike rather than driving around to get those perfect shots. And if driving is unavoidable, try to use an electric or hybrid car where possible.

 Fly direct where possible

Take off and landing are the most polluting parts of a flight, so getting 1 flight rather than 2 is always a bonus. We would also encourage train rides within your trips as an alternative to additional flights - it is slightly gentler on the environment and can give you fantastic views along the way.

 Try a night glamping

Why not try a night completely off grid for an eco-friendly adventure? The team at Aurora Safari Camp has some beautiful glamping options!

Pack light 

There is no need to buy a whole new wardrobe for a trip. The heavier an aeroplane is, the worse it is for the environment! So if you are off to enjoy a winter sport trip (for example Skiing at Lake Louise), why not pack light and then borrow your winter gear when you arrive at your destination? That helps reduce your carbon footprint but supports local business in your destination too! Double win!

Eco-friendly products

Either bring your own beauty/shower/skin products from home and take what is left back home with you, or if using hotel products, take the remains of that home too so it doesn't get wasted. Half-used products from hotels will more often than not be thrown away which is unnecessary waste!

Do you have any other planet-saving tips for us to add? Let us know!

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