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Virtually Visiting

Are you itching to travel again after the pandemic but have lost your confidence a little? Is the rising cost of living making you think twice about travel? Health or mobility issues hindering your ability to enjoy physical travel? Keen to book an epic adventure but not quite sure where to go or how to start your research?

Virtually Visiting is here to help!

Virtually Visiting allows you to experience bucket list destinations at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, computer or VR headset. We are removing the traditional barriers to travel and making it accessible to all. Only 16% of the world can afford to travel in the way that they would like to, and we want to make this as close to 100% as we can in the virtual space.

You can use our content as research for a future trip, to relive somewhere you fell in love with previously, or to educate yourself on other cultures and traditions. We really do offer something for everyone, whatever your interests may be.

If you have been desperate to visit a certain place for a long time but your friend or partner needs convincing, you could use our high-definition videos to help them join your vision and book that trip you have always dreamed of! If you love the vibe of the tour guide you have watched, you can even book a real life tour with them within their 360 video! Just look out for the booking icon in the main menu of the video.

When experiencing our products, you can also be proud that you are directly supporting tour companies in a fair way, and also doing so in a sustainable way. You can read more of our tips on how to travel more sustainably here.

All that’s left to do is pick a tour and enjoy an immersive 360 degree experience! Let us know if there are any other destinations you’d love to see and we will try to make it happen!

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